It’s Here!

Well, it’s past here… but my computer was acting up and I didn’t have access to another one.

So Far… Here are the standings… (As Of 4/3/14)

AL East-

Boston: 2-1

Tampa Bay: 2-2

Toronto: 2-2

NY Yankees: 1-2

Baltimore: 1-3

AL Central-

Detroit: 3-0

Chicago White Sox: 2-1

Cleveland: 2-1

Minnesota: 1-2

Kansas City: 0-2

AL West-

Seattle: 3-1

Houston: 2-1

Texas: 2-1

Oakland: 2-2

LA Angels: 0-3

NL East:

Atlanta: 3-1

Miami: 3-1

Washington: 3-1

Philadelphia: 1-2

NY Mets: 0-3

NL Central: (hardest section in baseball)

St.Louis: 2-1

Pittsburgh: 2-1

Chicago Cubs: 1-2

Cincinnati: 1-2

Milwaukee: 1-2

NL West:

LA Dodgers: 4-1

San Francisco: 3-1

San Diego: 1-2

Colorado: 1-3

Arizona: 1-5







I have gotten stuck in a bathroom TWICE in my life! Once at the golf course; they used a knife to open the jammed door. Once at my house; my brother (he’s so cool) got me out.

Quote From my Aunt Michelle….

Live, Laugh, Love
Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is.
The way we cope with it is what makes the difference




























PS… Did the pic work? I might hav done it twice…